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Your best customer is a SUBSCRIBER
What is Savvery?

Sell Subscriptions

Your perfect customer is a subscriber. Give your subscribers your best price so they pay the highest subscription rate to you. 

Reliable monthly income is worth more than 1-time sales. How much? Retail is valued at 2-3x earnings. Subscription is valued at 10-13x earnings.

Stronger Together

Subscription works better than retail, but why build alone?

If we combine your program with our entire platform, your members get more perks. With a higher value, each business can charge more.

Other businesses drive traffic to you on your “terms” and your members won’t cancel if they get more variety.

The Right Incentives

When your employees sell memberships for your business, you can give them 10% forever. The more they sell, the more you both grow your monthly income.

You can specify terms for Savvery subscribers so they provide the most benefit:

Want autograt for your employees? Want all sales to be final? Reservations?

Why Us

Retail Limits Growth

A subscription is worth a thousand sales

At $50 / month, a Savvery subscription is worth a lot. How much? For the average restaurant in Canada with a 5% net margin, $50 in profit is worth $1000 in sales.

If you don’t offer subscriptions, you’re leaving money on the table. How many subscribers would you need to have your record month every month?

Fierce loyalty

Giving your subscribers the best value means they spend more with you. They will dedicate a larger share of their budget at Savvery businesses. Retail cannot compete with subscription.

Whenever a subscription service and retail business go head to head, subscription always wins (Blockbuster vs Netflix).

Sales fluctuate, subscriptions accumulate​

Retail businesses can be volatile and high maintenance, but subscription businesses accumulate members and your progress is ‘locked in’ as you grow.

When a customer walks out your door, they’re no longer yours. With Savvery, once you sign a member, their payment is yours forever.

It's Easy

We only need 2 things to get your program live! We need your logo and your program terms.

Design your perfect customer:

  • Do they make reservations? 
  • Do they return items?
  • Do they pay an automatic gratuity?
  • Exclusions?
Give us your terms so every subscriber adds value for your business. Turn your inventory into sales, whether it is products on shelves or empty tables in a restaurant. 

If you give subscribers priority service, your customers will have more reason to join.

Experience the benefits of our unconventional program with a 2-month trial. Sign up now and take advantage of our launch and special media coverage. 

You can cancel anytime, but we’re confident you’ll see the remarkable benefits and choose to stay. We’ll guide you through the process step by step. Find out why the most profitable companies in the world already offer subscriptions!

Frequently Asked Questions

If subscriptions worked better, why are the biggest, most profitable companies using it?

Remember: food cost and labor cost work differently.

With 30% food cost, you make a profit on each sale at 1/2 price.

Empty tables are 100% labor cost. 

Retail sucks because your profitable transactions are minimized by inefficiencies such as empty tables or slower times. Even if you think you have great profits, you’re still missing out in a big way.

Here is an example:

With Savvery, you get $50 upfront.

With a 35% food cost, and an average transaction of $40 ($40×65%), you make $26 in gross profit from a transaction. Your labor and overhead costs are paid from your gross profit. Your customers want to pay for products, not overhead.

With Savvery you make $6 PLUS $50 for a total of $56.

On the 2nd transaction, ignoring that members bring others and spend more, it would look like this:

Normal:  zero upfront + $26 + $26 = $52

Savvery: $50 upfront + $6 + $6 = $62

3rd visit:

Normal: zero upfront + $26 + $26 + 26 = $78

 Savvery: $50 upfront + $6 + $6 +6 = $68

REMEMBER: Savvery is the only option where you get $50 upfront each and every month. Even if you made $50 gross margins on the first transaction, there are no guarantees with retail.

If your customers spend more as members, you will make more.

You are getting more profit with Savvery. Even for your regulars who already spend a lot, they will won’t stop when you give them more value – they will become your biggest promoters!

This is profit insurance.

The more customers you currently have, the more opportunities you have to sell subscriptions.

Why wait until your competitors sign your customers to their program?

A subscription is worth more than a sale and customer who pay full retail every day will never be as loyal as a Savvery member.

Retail is a cycle and you’re either in a high point or a low point. If you don’t lock in your customers when you have them, you’ll be chasing them later.

You can restrict members to increase their value. What is your perfect customer? Do they make reservations or do they wait in line? 


  • No reservations
  • Auto gratuity
  • No returns

Even if you never sold a single membership, you could use our additional traffic to fill your vacancies so you kept more profit from your full-paying customers. Empty tables and unsold inventory COST money. You could break even on empty tables so the profit from your customers doesn’t get used to cover expenses.

We are confident that you will find a way to make the most of the people lining up at your door. 

The great thing about 50% off is that your selling price can be adjusted to a level that works! Isn’t that what you do when your costs change?

In order to keep things simple, you can simply offer restrictions until you find what works best for your business. Giving less value will only reduce your ability to lock in subscribers at our premium rate!

Savvery works so we don’t ask for anything up front. Keep your money to enhance your business and take care of your members. 

We only ask for 10% of the income we are responsible for. We believe in growing with our partners.

Nope! Every subscription goes through a business because we don’t compete with you. 

The businesses create the value for subscribers so they get paid the subscriptions!

We are launching a Premium Savvery Membership for businesses that have higher average bill prices. 

This program will be more exclusive and members will have to pay $100 / month for these venues.

This membership works as an add on so the business that invited the subscriber will keep their $50 / month.

Referring others to Savvery is very lucrative! 15% of your subscriptions are dedicated to those who promote for you.

If a promoter signs a subscriber to your program, they get 10% forever.

If somebody finds a promoter who uses their reach to advertise your program, they get 5% of the promoter’s sign ups. 

We believe in rewarding those who do the work and grow the community. We share the rewards because we are better off when our local communities thrive.

Absolutely! A fundraiser can partner with a Savvery business to sell subscriptions. The business gets the subscriptions and the subscribers can go to all Savvery businesses.

The fundraiser gets special perks for a limited time

They get 10% of all subscriptions they initiate forever.

Whoever referred the fundraiser would get 5%.

Recurring revenue is magical for fundraisers because one event can lead to 12 annual payments. Doing an event every year would have cumulative growth as they could increase their monthly revenue.

More details here:

Savvery works with ALL offline retail businesses that serve the community.

If your business is open to the public and you have a physical store, we can convert your customers to lifetime subscribers!

If you don’t serve the public and want your own subscription service, we can manage your exclusive program. 

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