Savvery Fundraiser Program


Turn 1 fundraiser into years of income

Sell Savvery Subscriptions

If you are hosting a social or fundraising event, we have the best solution for you! One event can produce lasting benefits since our program pays recurring revenue every month!

You can promote local businesses, offer incredible benefits to your supporters and earn long range bonuses for years to come.

Pick a Local Partner

The first step is to partner with a Savvery business. Search the database at and apply to the business for a fundraiser partnership. You will be linked to their program once approved, and while you are selling memberships to the ENTIRE Savvery platform, your sales will directly benefit the business of your choice!

If you sell 10+ subscriptions, you will get a group rate of $45 / month for everybody in your group. If you sell 100 subscriptions among your group, the entire group will get a group rate of $40 / month. Sell Together, Save Together!

How it works

  1. Once you are approved by your business partner, you will get a special Link and QR code to promote your event. Your link will be active for 31 days and at the end, the link will expire and the group membership will be calculated and permanently discounted based on your total subscriptions sold. 
  2. To help promote your fundraiser, your sign up link will offer a 10 day trial for only $1. As always, Subscribers can cancel the program anytime, so there is no risk. As long as they stay on the program, the you will receive 10% of the recurring revenue FOREVER!

Long Range Benefits

If you can get 100 Subscribers, not only will your entire group get 20% off permanently, but they will also provide $400 / month in support for the recipient! Since the program is a limited time promotion, if a Subscriber ever quits, they won’t be able to join the program at the exceptional price!